Our Products and Services

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Most of our products, services, and our approaches to business problems are uniquely tailored to suit client needs. But just to get your mind working, a rough list of some products and services we offer follows;

Consumer Brand Equity Tracking

Using neuroscientific methodologies, we can tap into, and maximise the conscious and subconscious consumer perceptions of your brand.

Consumer Segmentation

Using psychographic profiling you’re able to maximise your marketing campaigns with more effective and relevant consumer segments.

Concept Testing

This is a process we use to assess you’re the awareness and acceptance of your new and existing products, pricing and other marketing collateral.

Advanced Social Media Analytics and Optimization

We can gather and mine the data from your audience and competitors on social media platforms. We then curate it in a way that provides insightful reports which inform best practices to increase brand visibility and publicity.

Sensory Analysis

We are able to scientifically track and measure both positive and negative reactions (physical and emotional) to your brand, products or marketing collateral.

Sponsorship ROI Enhancement

The Sponsorship game can be volatile for businesses with a budget, but here at Bluedot we help our clients to understand exactly how, or if their sponsorship activities are providing a return on investment and whether it is sustainable.

Competitor Analysis

Benchmark your success against your own KPI’s as well as against your competitors.

Customer and Employee Engagement and Satisfaction Analyses

Listening to your internal and external customers is one of the most effective ways to measure whether or not you’re meeting the expectations of those you serve. Let Bluedot guide this process for you.

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