What was the problem?

The client wanted to conduct a Customer Usage & Attitude Study, which would also include a competitor analysis of the baked goods market. The main goal of the research was to more accurately pinpoint the brand’s positioning in the market as well as to provide statistical evidence to support activities aimed at maintaining and increasing brand impact and by extension, market share.

Bluedot’s Approach – Nationally Representative Quantitative Study

A nationally representative (age & gender) quantitative study was conducted amongst consumers aged 16 years or older, from all socio-economic backgrounds, who are either the primary grocery shopper for their household and/or who consume baked products at least 3 times per week. The sample was further segmented (and quotas applied) in order to provide insight into the perceptions of the Client’s main consumers versus those of their key competitors.

The findings of the study clearly indicated the product ranges for which the client had a good brand positioning, as well as those facing immediate and direct threats from competing brand and warranted improvement and greater focus.