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Customer Psycographic Segmentation

The client needed to classify and profile the different segments of players within the lottery gaming category, according to their consumption and preference for lottery products, as well as other lifestyle…

Product Rebranding

Before the launch of its rebranding exercise, the Client wanted to gauge reactions, perceptions and attitudes towards the proposed changes to the brand in order to identify it’s most ‘at risk’ consumers and…

Customer Experience & Satisfaction Study

Central to the Client’s core brand strategy is creating lasting relationships with their customers, through a consistent delivery of stated service level guarantees. Against this background, a study was…

Consumer Usage & Attitude Study

The client wanted to conduct a Customer Usage & Attitude Study, which would also include a competitor analysis of the baked goods market. The main goal of the research was to more accurately pinpoint the…

Preference Sensory Test

Recognizing the need for continuous evaluation and improvement in their product range, the Client wanted to perform a ‘Preference’ Sensory Test on two variants of their product against key against key competing brands.