What was the problem?

Central to the Client’s core brand strategy is creating lasting relationships with their customers, through a consistent delivery of stated service level guarantees. Against this background, a study was commissioned to evaluate the extent to which the company was delivering on these guarantees, through a clearer understanding of their customers current satisfactions levels.

Bluedot’s Approach – Consumer Neuroscience – Biometrics

In-Store, face to face intercept surveys were conducted with the Client’s customers in selected stores across all areas in which they have presence. Location based quotas were applied so that there was enough respondents to facilitate analysis by this key variable. The findings from the study pointed to the priviledged position held by the client as being the preferred provider amongst nearly all (98%) of their customers. However, the need for improvement in some of their service level of agreements (especially in particular stores) which would potentially increase satisfaction levels. The client was able to use these findings as a guide for designing the strategies needed to make the necessary improvements to their service level guarantees.