What was the problem?

The client needed to classify and profile the different segments of players within the lottery gaming category, according to their consumption and preference for lottery products, as well as other lifestyle activities and attitudinal/psychographic dispositions. This study was conducted across 5 Caribbean Islands.

Bluedot’s Approach – Psychographic Segmentation

Utilizing a quantitative approach, Bluedot conducted face to face interviews amongst target players of the category. Advanced statistical analysis (k-means clustering & factor analysis) was used to define the market segments based on specific characteristics such as key demographic profile, attitudinal values, psychographics, etc.

Using the critical insights and recommendations incorporated in the final report, the client was able to identify the strengths and weaknesses in the category, and determine if and where opportunities exist in the market. Most importantly, the findings provided them with a clear direction for designing products, services and strategies targeted specifically to address the needs of each individual segment.