Fast Moving Goods

Preference Sensory Test

What was the problem?

Recognizing the need for continuous evaluation and improvement in their product range, the Client wanted to perform a ‘Preference’ Sensory Test on two variants of their product against key against key competing brands.

Bluedot’s Approach – Consumer Neuroscience - Biometrics

The study was conducted in two overseas markets using a mixed methodology of biometrics and quantitative surveys. The biometric test was used to measure the emotional activation/response (the intensity of the experience) to the flavour alone (blind test) and then determine the power of the client’s versus the competitor’s brand to trigger emotions when the product is eaten (not blind test/product is shown). Semantic Priming testing based on response times to the appearance of different pairs of stimulus, were also used to indicate which attributes were more unconsciously associated to the Client’s brand/product or the competitors.

In the end, Bluedot was able to scientifically, yet non­invasively capture, quantify and analyse the emotions shown by consumers addressing subtle points of possible resistance. The client was then provided with comprehensive insights into their brands current positioning in these markets and its current ranking based on the sensory evaluation of respondents.